Read (or listen to) Kathryn’s wonderful story here.


And, check out Kathryn’s interview with ASF Online Fiction Editor Erin McReynold’s in which they discuss asteroids, writing, and books.


On the surface of Kathryn Savage’s story, “Lesser Missiles,” the narrator discusses her relationships with men — current lover, best friend, childhood crush, and another relationship which I won’t disclose here. But this is not a surface level story. Savage has created here an intimate, believable, voice — one with all the trepidation and hesitancy of a person who has experienced the kind of loss central to this story. There are few writers with this kind of steady control of voice and¬†narrative structure, working together to create that envious alchemy that all story writers strive toward. More, Savage explores the ways in which memory shapes who we are now and what we think of our past and current self.


Check out Kathryn’s story and let me know what you think.