Mary Miller’s second story collection, “Always Happy Hour,” is now available for purchase. And while I haven’t yet read the collection, I’m excited to do so, and highly recommend. I read her debut collection, “Big World,” several years ago and found myself in both awe and envy. Her situations are usually about men and women on the verge of some shift, some new discovery in their relationship, which will alter them permanently. And while this might sound commonplace, I can assure you that her stories are anything but commonplace. Their tone, setting, and dialogue are uniquely their own, and always with a touch of humor. Take for instance the story posted here. A man and woman are on their third date at some bar where they play “chicken shit bingo” — a game where people stand around waiting for a chicken to shit on a numbered board. I’m not sure if this story from New World Writing is in her current collection, but I imagine you will find aspects of it in her new book: men and women keeping secrets, speaking over and around each other, and characters who aren’t sure of themselves or their futures.


Check out her story here. And feel free to post comments below.


And find her new collection ALWAYS HAPPY HOUR at your favorite independent bookstore.